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Holden Farm is a perfect setting for school visits. It is situated just off the A272, 4 miles east of Winchester near the village of Cheriton. Once off the main A272 there is plenty of parking in the farm yard and room for coaches to turn.

The joy of the farm is that, away from the main road, the majority of the farm has no roads running through it. This means that children can safely learn and explore without the worry of cars and crossing roads. Visits can be tailored to all ages of children. We take health and safety seriously and a risk assessment document is always available. Lavatories and washing facilities are provided.

The farm is a 700 acre mainly arable farm. Crops that are grown are wheat, barley and oilseed rape. Other crops are linseed and grass (which is also turned into silage). Talking and visualising where our food comes from can be done in our school room and out in the fields.

Map reading/orienteering is fun to do on the farm. Without roads to cross school children can safely study a farm map and work out for themselves how to read the map by just studying the paths and tracks.

We have two wild flower meadows. Identifying plants and appreciating their beauty can inspire a lifetime’s interest in a young mind.

Wild animals. We are fortunate to have many wild animals on the farm. These can be studied through photographs and informed detective work. Learning that to actually see wild animals is a privilege that takes time and patience. It is important to learn that just because you cannot see them easily they are still there and that it is their ability to hide that helps with their survival.

We have a small beef herd which can be looked at and studied. This can lead to interactive talk on meat production. This can also open up an exploration of our diets in general and studying what is good for us and what is less good for us.

There are many horses on the farm. The stables still have the names of the carthorses from years gone by when tractors had not been invented. The horses now are mainly used for recreation and we have several foals born here in late spring.

It is possible to study a tractor at close quarters here and appreciate just how powerful they are.

In essence Holden Farm is a beautiful example of rolling Hampshire Downland that can be inspirational to children and teachers. We would advise a pre-visit to the farm so that teachers can assess what is available and tie it in with the school curriculum.

To arrange a visit contact:

Susie Corbett Holden Farm, Cheriton, Alresford. Hampshire SO24 0NX
Tel: 01962 771267 Email:

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Jo Britton Hampshire Country Learning


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